Monday, November 15, 2010

Graduation Tickets

As a class we received our tickets for next month's Graduation Ceremony. Only 4 tickets per student. Some people are pissed, but whatever.

I don't have any family coming (since it is such a short and small ceremony, and because I'll be back in Chicago two days later, I told my family to stay home), and no friends coming (who would I invite - the two guys I'm dating??), I gave my tickets away.

But I've been giving it some thought. Maybe I shouldn't have given them away so quickly. There are definitely some people in campus that I would have loved to have invited to watch me graduate:
  1. Cornfed - there's this absolutely hot guy on campus, that I see all the time at the library, that I've named Cornfed. I know nothing about him other than he looks like he was raised on a Nebraska farm and is totally gorgeous. I drool when I see him walk by. Seriously. He could come watch me get pinned. Or, could pin me himself (see what I did there?).
  2. Dry Erase Marker Teaching Assistant Guy - last year I completely stalked this TA who used to come into my Philosophy classroom before class and steal the dry erase markers from my classroom to take into his. He is cracker spreadable, and, unlike Cornfed, I think plays for my team. I figure that since I did him the favor of creepily stalking him for an entire year, the least he could do is come to my graduation.
Two people I definitely would not invite to my graduation:
  1. Creepy Asian Stalker Guy - for about 6 months this guy I know from the gym has been asking me out for lunch, and each time I politely decline. But he just isn't getting the message.
  2. Security Guard/Bouncer at the Lau - this woman likes to wield her fake power by inspecting every bag that comes into the library in case a student, God forbid, brings in a cookie or sandwich. Because that is a violation of Georgetown policy and, apparently, deserves public humiliation on her part. "Sir, you cannot bring that food in here!" Whatever, you unhappy harpie.
Graduation in something like 1 month + 3 days....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nursing Humor

Yesterday Emily and I watched the Marine Corps Marathon to cheer our friend Danny. During the race, I guy runs past, looking pretty tired.
Emily: "Did you see that guy? He didn't look so good."

Me: "Yes, he looked like he was in some pain."

Emily: "I mean, he was pink. Like a newborn baby!"
Me: "Totally! I wonder what his APGAR score would be? Ha ha!"

Emily: "Ha ha!"

[Everyone else around us: "??? WTF???"

Fine. We're nursing nerds.