Friday, March 5, 2010

The Saddest Question I've Ever Uttered

"What are your hours during Spring Break?"
- me to the Lau Library front desk this morning.


So Spring Break begins today in about 2 hours, right after my Med-Surg class. I'll be staying here, using the time to catch up on schoolwork and relax a little. Try not to be jealous. It's not going to be all boring, though. I plan to get sufficiently knockered one or twice as well.

In an ideal world, I'll hit the books a few hours a day so that by next Sunday I am completely on top - or maybe even ahead - of my studies as we move into the last half of the semester. Although the more likely result will be that I sit around and don't get shit done.

I do wish I were heading back to Chicago for at least a few days, but it is probably best that I stay here.

Portland in a month, though, which will be sweet.


  1. Crank up the heat in your apartment, rawk some jorts and drink lots of Pacifico...and study!

  2. You at least have to show your tits to someone. Perhaps at the library?

  3. Good luck with that whole studying thing. I ge to see you in a month, right?