Monday, October 4, 2010

You Have Nice Veins (Or: The Best Complement From an Anesthesiologist, Ever)

Last week during my clinical rotation, I was assigned to observe an open heart surgery (which was awesome and deserves a separate post, but HIPAA compliance prevents me) where one of the anesthesiologists came up to me and initiated the following conversation:

Anesthesiologist (pointing to my hand): "You have really nice veins."
Me: "Oh, um. Thanks."
Anesthesiologist: "Trust me. I'm someone who appreciates good veins, and you have good ones."
Me: "Ahh. Um, thanks."
Anesthesiologist: "No, seriously. I know people who work their entire lives to get veins like yours."
Me: "...Thanks."
Anesthesiologist: "I work out all the time and don't have veins like those. Do you work out? You must..."
Me: "I swim. And run."
Anesthesiologist: "Well, keep up the good work."

I'm keeping this conversation in my back pocket. You know, for those times are tough. Life may be kicking my ass on a regular basis, but you know, at least I've got good veins going for me.


  1. My guess is he's picturing the veins on your (mmm-hmm!).

  2. Wow, its been awhile my old blogging friend/foe and I was hoping you were ranting and raving about something so I could call you out on it and basically just be a thorn in your side. But I really don't want to rain on your parade Barbara. Having hot anything, even veins, is well worth celebrating, especially if its a hot doc (if s/he wasn't hot don't spoil it for me) that happens to be doing the noticing. Cheers, T.