Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hunting the Rhino

I've been Hunting the Rhino all this week, and will likely be hunting it until school ends in a month.

"Hunting the Rhino" is a term we (me and my friend Kelley) created which means staying focused on a single task and not thinking about anything else until that task is complete. It is the opposite of multi-tasking.

It's basic human biology: back in the day, women had lots of jobs - cook the food, keep the cave clean, raise the cave babies; men had only one job - hunt the rhino (or lion, or bear, etc.; we use rhino because it sounds best).

These days I am incapable of multi-tasking. I can't work on my Core Concepts paper or start studying for Patho at the same time as study for today's Health Promo exam. I have to focus on one thing and one thing only - study for the Health Promo exam. I'm Hunting the Rhino*.

Just trying to get through work this week before you make plans for the weekend? You're Hunting the Rhino. One of those people who eats each thing on the plate before starting onto the next? You're a Rhino Hunter.

Hunting the Rhino also sounds like it could be something dirty. Which is another reason I like it.
Just like the Cobra Secret Handshake and the Weanamin, I am determined to get this phrase into the day-to-day existence of my cohort. And hopefully beyond. Start passing it along.

* Please note, I am not endorsing the hunting or killing of animals. I am totally against it. It is just an expression.


  1. I think this phrase needs to describe some sort of sexual activity - but I'll leave which one to be named up to the experts. Where's Dan Savage when you need him?

  2. I am not a rhino hunter but there are many days that I wish I could be.

  3. it sounds like doing drugs. as in, man, he looks bad. oh yeah, i heard he's hunting the rhino again.

  4. I need more hunting the rhino in my life. Multi-tasking is just too hard but unfortunately my clients expect it. Blech.