Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're Already in the Pool, Princess

Last week while surfing local DC blogs I came across Nutgraf, and this entry. And it pretty much made my day, and I wanted to share it.

The author recalls a story of a time she was lounging by a pool, and witnessed a conversation where a child went up to the mother and whined, "Mooom, Peter splashed meee!"

To which the mom replied, "You're already in the pool, princess."

And like Nutgraf, I also think it is a great response to life. We're all already in the pool, so let's just get on with it...


  1. When I was little we joined a community pool and there were always these middle aged women who would get in the pool but keep their heads above water so they wouldn't muss their hair. They'd yell at anyone who splashed. Nuts.

  2. I have but 2 words I live by: Bitch Please

  3. Whining of that caliber and wondering if I'd be able to react in such a zen way is the main reason I have yet to have my own children (well, that and maybe the lack of adult-type, long-term committed relationships? Hmmm, let me get back to you after I stop sobbing into my snuggie!*) but I couldn't love that idea more. I'm applying that to my life starting now. Thanks, GB!

    *I don't really have a snuggie.

  4. I posted a little something special on my blog for you. Thought you should know.

  5. So true. It's like when I put my thing in someone's butt, and they get all weird, and I'm all, "you're already in the orgy."