Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Saturday of Freedom

I spent my last Saturday of Freedom running around doing errands, in an attempt to get my apartment in order before school begins on Monday. I'm in need of a microwave oven, a TV, and DVD player so I scoured Craigslist and responded to many ads. Only 1 - the microwave - responded. Made a second trip out to IKEA to pick up a garment rack, which is serving as my wardrobe (as I don't technically have a closet), because the first one I bought fucking collapsed on me. 

I also had to drive to Gin & Tonic to see if anyone had found a camera and turned it in (ha - fat chance). The losing my camera-thing has me really bummed out. If I replace it, it will be the 3rd camera I've purchased in a year, and another $250 that I had not budgeted to spend. Plus, there were some great photos from my first Cohort Happy Hour.

[I've been spending waaay too much money; money that I really don't have, which is another stressor for me. I turned in the rental truck a few hours late and therefore was billed another day's worth. I pleaded with them to let it slide but they weren't having it. So when they asked for a signature for the bill, I signed "Eat Shit" instead of my name -- take that, Budget Rental Car Corporation! And then on Friday when I got my DC driver's license, I also had to pay a $100 parking ticket left over from my first life in DC. A ticket that I'd contested in writing several times that I thought had gone away (ha - fat chance). ]

I was going to bake a pizza for dinner, but realized that my stove doesn't actually work. Hmm.

So: Let's sum up these first few days in DC, shall we? I've paid for parking tickets I didn't know I needed to; been charged an extra $100 for the already over-the-top expensive moving van; lost my precious camera; needed to replace furniture; and ordered out for pizza because my oven doesn't work. This is Aces.

I was in bed by 10 p.m. On my first real Saturday night in DC, which is simultaneously my last Saturday night of freedom before school starts. Fuck my life.

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