Friday, August 21, 2009

Should It Really Be So Hard to Find a Decent Apartment in DC? (Pt. II)

There's a lot of crap out there for $1K or less. So I'm re-adjusting my rent budget up to $1200. Dammit. 

I knew it would be hard to find something for a thousand, and that I'd have to have a bit of luck on my side, but dammmm I didn't think it would be so bad.

When I posted a "Housing Wanted" ad on Craigslist a few weeks ago I got some responses, but none of them was very positive. Some dickwad responded back to me essentially saying, "Wow, you're probably not going to find something you like for $1K." And that's all he wrote. Thanks for the encouragement, prick. I hate that he was right.

I've looked at 11 places so far. It's pretty much come down to 2 studios on 16th St., and one basement apartment off 14th St. All of then in Columbia Heights, all of them pretty decent actually. But all of them about $200 more than I originally wanted to spend.

But at least I feel good that I've met my goal of finding a place before I head back to Chicago tomorrow...

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  1. When I was trying to decide between DC and Boston, this point was totally moot.

    I had the same goddamn problem here--I was shooting for $1K, upped it to $1200 and now I pay $1400. But you should see my VIEW, honey.

    If I'm going to get raped in the ass monthly, I want a nice view while it's going on.