Friday, September 4, 2009

Cohort Concept Map

One of my goals for the week has been to make attempts to get to know as many people in the class as I can. Never know who is going to be the ambitious one (not me), the smart one (not me), the fun one (not me) who might be of great assistance at some point in the future. 

Those attempts so far have been largely successful in that I've engaged most everyone in conversation, and most have been receptive and friendly back to me. Some have not. Maybe they're shy, or maybe they just don't care. But at this point I figure I've put out the good energy towards most everyone and I'm not going to waste any more on trying to win over the ones that haven't been receptive.   

In my own mind, lines are already being drawn, and the personal Concept Map of my Cohort is being drawn. Right or wrong, I've been filing the different people into categories and subcategories, groups and subgroups, clusters and even more clusters, all of which orbit around me, in the center. Which ones of them, if any, will become the inner circle of good friends or confidants? Who will be fun to go to a happy hour with? Which will be the over achievers, and which will ones will I avoid? 

Or how much will it change over the next 16 months...

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