Saturday, September 5, 2009

Save Me From Myself

The first week of school is over, and like any undergrad I celebrated by attending a party, thrown by a fellow classmate. Brian, Marshall, Emily and I arrived after 10, sans alcohol (did you know alcohol can't be purchased in this city after 10 pm?? Did I somehow block this out of my memory from the first time I lived here?), which we felt self-conscious about but by then our host was too blitzed to notice.

I played DJ (Adi: "You are the worst DJ. Ever.") for awhile in the dining room, smartly avoiding the living room drinking games (part of my downfall last Friday) and staying pretty much sober the entire time.  My hat got passed around and became the next in what is now becoming a long line of ABSN casualties (along with expensive beers, LaToya #1 and perhaps my dignity). And Adi and I continued work on the Cohort Handshake (still in beta, although John is now involved and is taking it to a new, respectable level). 

And supposedly a Cohort Theme Song is next - I'm going to push for Bluejuice's Vitriol ("Good luck and don't dare give up, Give it a little bit of vitriol! And if it's really gonna cut you up give it a little bit of vitriol - HEY!"). But the truth is nobody would likely get it and I'd just be an idiot. 

There's talk of a cohort field trip to a DC Rollergirls match in about 3 weeks, an Ultimate Frisbee league, a Touch Football game on Thanksgiving morning, and a kayaking trip around Roosevelt Island. Man, we are an optimistic bunch. I say: let's check back in a month to see just ow well that frisbee league is shaping up.

And speaking of Roosevelt, as she was leaving, Dana told me I looked like Teddy Roosevelt.

I'm acutely aware of my age (and now some others are too) and the fact that I'm now choosing beer pong and vodka shots over more age-appropriate things like, well, not playing beer pong and not doing vodka shots. But I went to bed at 10 last Saturday, so that should count for something, right? Oh, and then there's that whole studying thing, which is also a good idea since I did squat of it this week.

But still, once we left the party me, John, Emily and Meredith stood outside on New Hampshire and talked for about an hour under the bright full moon (the weather these last few days has been remarkable), so this can't be all bad. I figure it is probably worth it to invest some time in the cohort. Not everything we should know to survive can be learned in the classroom.

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