Thursday, September 10, 2009

Casualties of My Lifestyle Change (Pt. I)

Now that I am a poor college student with absolutely no income coming in, I've had to learn to give up a few things. Here is a partial list:
  1. Weekend brunch.
  2. Starbucks coffee.
  3. Expensive beer/ beer that isn't "on special."
  4. Cheese - you laugh, but it is true - cheese is a luxury.
  5. Books that aren't related to my major.
  6. Magazines.
  7. Feelings of self-worth.


  1. Awww, sadness! If there's a Whole Foods nearby, go there for cheese samples. Are there any breweries in D.C.? Get your public library card & get access to books, magazines AND DVDs! Not that you have time for that. Also, email me your mailing address.

  2. I agree with Jules on the library thing. Or you could always buy used books on Amazon (can't wait for my bio on Bob Stupak to arrive!).