Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Cosi Employees/ Sandwich Makers

Dear Cosi Employees/ Sandwich Makers:

Life is tough, I know. 

What, with the economy and things like having enough spicy mustard, and the difficulty of slicing that already thin bread into two slices. Plus, it is Sunday night and you've probably worked a long day already. I get it. 

But c'mon. When I walked in with my study partners at 6:50 tonight and saw the two of you look at each other, sigh, roll your eyes and let out an audible "fuuuuck" in our general direction, well, I can't lie. I was a little hurt.

For a moment I thought that perhaps you reacted this way because maybe you were closing at 7, and here it was - a group of us walking in at 6:50, ready to hit you with multiple delicious Cosi sandwich orders at the last moment. But no, you don't close until 9. So what gives??

Are you guys seriously expecting that on a nice end-of-summer Sunday evening nobody's going to walk into your store to order some food between 7 pm and close? You guys are in fucking DuPont Circle, for fuck sakes. Surely we aren't going to be the last customers you see tonight.

My advice: Buck the Fuck Up, little campers. 'Cuz someday you're probably going to have worse problems to deal with then making a couple sandwiches a whole 2 hours before closing. Acting like you're doing me a big fucking favor and swearing at me for making you do your job is not the best method for dealing. 

That is all. Now have a good night. 

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