Monday, September 28, 2009

Casualties of My Lifestyle Change (Pt. II)

[Ed. Note: See here for Pt. I]

And yeah, this one stings a little:
8. Flying home to Chicago whenever I want.

Since I arrived last month I set as a goal a non-specific weekend date in October to return back to Chicago to visit friends and family.*

I thought about Columbus Day Weekend, because 1) it is a three day-er for me; and 2) it is the same weekend as the Marathon, for which I could go cheer on a few friends.

Tickets are hovering around $300. I just can't afford it (anymore). And it isn't like I'm waiting until the last minute - prices have been this high for the last 2 weeks.

Ditto for the weekend after that, too. Looks like I may try again for early November.

I was once naive to believe that there might still be hope - via way of one of those "last minute deals" websites - but we all know those don't really exist (seriously, I've never met anyone who has actually scored a last minute deal anytime anywhere).

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed. I could really stand a visit back home to see friends and family.*

* Or, as would be more accurate, "Get the fuck out of DC before I kill someone."


  1. So this not the time to mention I'm driving up to Ithaca on Columbus Day Weekend for intense winery sessions with my sister?

    I blame school. Six hour drive is nothin'.

  2. i should come wreak havoc on your life since you are now closer to me.