Sunday, September 27, 2009

So This Is My Life

Sunday afternoon, and after a good day of hanging out with Emily, I need to settle in for the evening to get caught up on studying, and put a dent in the homework that is piling up. So what do I do? Make a schedule, of course.

I actually wrote the below before I jumped into the shower:

5 - 9 pm: Patho studying
9 - 10 pm: Review of Assessment lecture notes (H,S & N, HEENT)
10-11 pm: Review NIH and CDC websites for info on Varicella

How lame and ridiculous is my life that I now have to schedule my evenings to the hour?

... Only 15 more months of school left...


  1. Wow. I need to give up sex so that I can get more done too.

  2. Hmmmm... Not sure I would recommend it, Dr. Ken. Especially if you aren't single!

  3. Hey! There is SO nothing wrong with scheduling your studies to the hour.

    Um, not that I do it, too. *cough*

    And then I never do it, either. It's actually pretty depressing, but I keep doing it.

    So I just have a bit of a list fetish, obviously.

  4. It's a disease, I blame PR. I have had a workback schedule since month 3 for everything that needed to be done for the twins before they were born. It started as one spreadsheet in an Excel workbook and grew to 5 (budget, research on stuff they needed, inventory of what we had). OCD my friend. PR gives you OCD, or maybe we had it all along.

  5. GF: Yes, you are right. I was NOT OCD before PR!! Will I ever recover??