Saturday, October 24, 2009


So I've been jonesing to see Where the Wild Things Are since it opened last week. The book was my childhood favorite, and many months ago (like, back in August) I decided to be Max for Halloween. I'm a big fan. A lot of my friends know this and, in fact, several are surprised that I didn't see it opening night.

Anyway, I wanted to see it last weekend, but didn't (stupid Health Assessment mid-term), then planned to see it Wednesday night after my presentation in Promo, but remembered I had a meeting (stupid Academic Council).

So fast-forward to today: I'm feeling hungover and not social, but at the same time I'm feeling guilty about not seeing L in a week, so I think I should probably provide a little care and feeding to this non-relationship. (I spent the afternoon studying with Emily, who asked: "So, what are we calling you two these days?" Nothing. We are calling it nothing.)

Going to see WTWTA would be a perfect solution - provide me with a little pick-me-up, opportunity to spend some time with L in a very safe, non-tempting environment. A win-win (for me and myself, anyway). Phone conversation went like this:

Me (excited): "Want to go see Where the Wild Things Are??"
L: "Hmm, Not really. I heard bad things about it."
Me: "????"

L: "What else is playing?
Me: "Wait. What? Like what? How ridiculous."

L: "Some parents were complaining that it is too boring, or something like that."
Me: "..."

Too boring
? If ever there was a dealbreaker, this is it. What am I doing here with this? Care and feeding of this fake relationship has got to stop.

So we're going to Paranormal Activity instead. Sure, I want to see that too, but this is a poor substitute/consolation prize , but whatever.


  1. A dealbreaker for sure. If you were here (or I was there) we would have totally gone and seen this in iMax! (which I did on Friday and it was good dammit!)

  2. Dealbreaker. I'd never even read the book (no not even when our former mutual employer sent one to every employee worldwide for whatever reason - but I liked the pictures) and I went to see it and liked it.

    (I won't say "loved it" because - spoiler alert - there were a few moments when I wanted to slap the Max character, only at the start, and I've later found out that was how I was meant to feel at the start of his journey etc etc.)

    So yes, dealbreaker. Sorry :)