Friday, October 9, 2009

Is This a Musical Table?

[This photo from Thursday's IASIP pretty much represents the conversation with the Local 16 bouncer (see below). There's me (played by Charlie - duh) explaining to him why he should let me try the chair-dancing; And there's Kelley (played by Sweet Dee) telling the bouncer that I'll likely break my neck but it would be "hil-AR-ious (totes);" And then there's John (played by Dennis) as the constant voice of reason, subtly begging the bouncer to put me in a head lock.]

It was a big week. Lots going on; lots of stress.

It is also my new friend Kelley's 30th birthday, so a bunch of us went out to celebrate. Take built-up stress from Patho + a 30th birthday, and you get some drunkery. No diggity.

Plus, it was my boo House of Jules birthday, and I promised her a Ginner in her honor (ginner = dinner with gin. Her brilliant idea.) And while no gin was had (just Peroni, Soco and lime shots, and a little dose of some St. Germain to kick it), Jules would have been proud of my game, 'cuz I was On like Chaka Kahn.

Hearts were broken. First, Mimi got shot-down by the bartender at St. Ex. Second, a guy in the bathroom at Local 16 offered - completely unsolicited, honest - to show me his "huge cock" (his words), which I politely declined. Next, Kelley refused my romantic advances late in the evening, despite my attempts to wow her and the group with some sweet chair-dancing moves.

Scene - Local 16, closing time:
Bouncer: "Sir, what are you doing with that chair?"
Me: "I'm about to do that move where I jump up on the chair, tip it over, and still land on my feet like at the end of that Janet Jackson vidja."
Bouncer: "Sir, you and your friends are going to have to leave."

What else? For about 90 seconds I had the whole dinner table convinced I was a first alternate on the 1992 Olympic Fencing Team in Barcelona. It was my best acting yet. Plus, I really feel like I need to Keep the Dream Alive.


  1. A young man the age of barely 23 tried to dance on one of those tiny circular cocktail tables at Lave tonight. I think I saved his life. he probably already forgot about my awesome/friendly bouncing skillz.

    PS - Was the guy in the bathroom a Republican? Even money says yes!

  2. Drunk-y is how I like you best, GFC.

  3. 1. This entire post, with the exception of the "lots of stress" part, made me giggle for 2 minutes straight.

    2. I just saw the pictures and I AM proud of you, Chaka!

    3. Remind me when I visit to see if that guy is still in the men's room at Local 16. I could use a huge thrill right about now.

    4. Your use of the word "vidja" will keep me cracking up to myself the rest of the day, if not week. Thanks for making me look like a crazy person.

    5. I've scrolled back up the page while typing this comment out no less than 5 times just to look at Charlie Day/you and laugh.

  4. 6. I miss you much... M-I-S-S you much!