Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mark the Date...

[Note: the above image is the 4th image to come up in Google image search for "B student." I'm not endorsing rifle hunting or anything like that. Not to say that there aren't times when I'd like to become proficient in using one. You know, just in case the opportunity presents itself.]

Well, it has finally happened. I was walking in the rain to class this morning and noticed I was both laughing and talking. To myself.
Just me.

Mark the date, I am officially Crazy. Personally, I might have predicted Crazy to hit a bit earlier in the semester - I would have pegged sometime around Oct. 1 - so that fact that I'm 7.5 weeks into the school year before it hit is a proud achievement.

Also, I'm gassy. Just puttin' it out there - literally (see what I just did there).

This week and next I face a barrage of mid-terms. Three this week, two next and a presentation Wednesday. Also, I think I need to come to grips with the fact that I might be a B Student. Pretty much nothing but B/B+s so far this semester (at least in the classes that count
*), and I just don't see things turning around to such a degree that I'll ace most of them.

Years ago, was I was Undergrad 1.0, this would have been fine. More than acceptable. This time around though, it kinda pisses me off.

* And then there's Patho, which is another story entirely.

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  1. That's ok. I caught myself muttering to myself while getting on the elevator at my apt and there was someone already ON the elevator.

    I'm not sure I caught myself in time. Oh well.