Monday, October 12, 2009

I Need to Get the Control Back Into My Life (ya hear that, alcohol?)

No school today, so it was to be a productive day for catching up. Plan was: wake up at 8, head to the gym for a swim and possibly a run, then a good 9 hours of studying at the library.

Instead: wake up at 10 feeling like shit. Sweats and shakes and dizziness. A few gulps of water, then into the shower. Clothes on, then the decision that there's no way I can possibly hop on a bike and head to campus, so instead back in bed for another 30 minutes. I guess this is what happens when you go to bed at 4:30.

The weekend started out promising enough. Stayed in Friday night to study and do a little cleaning. Saturday - early swim at Wilson HS, then more studying in the afternoon. Ended the night with drinks with L., Jason and Justin. So far so good...

Went back to L's place, started making out. Once again it was nice. So I had to put a stop to it. I started to explain to him all the reasons it isn't a good idea for me to be back at his place, making out with him in his living room (yet again); I don't want to lead him on, lead him to think this "relationship" could possibly go anywhere; blah blah blah...

L (interrupting): "You know, you think too much. You need to just shut up and get into the bedroom."
Me; "Ummm, OK."

I guess at that moment I just grew tired of putting up a fight. His persistence (and, Christ, he sure has been persistent) wore me down. Without getting into details, let's just say that on a very technical level Operation Celibacy in still in tact. But certain, um, liberties, were taken.

Anyway, on Sunday I met up with Emily and Brian at Nelly's to watch the Raven's game. Buckets upon buckets of beers were consumed and the afternoon turned into evening on the upstairs patio and the weather was simply gorgeous and we were laughing and drinking and enjoying the company and the crowd and the crisp autumn air.

Fueled by a good buzz, Emily and I then headed to Alero for dinner, then walked back up to Columbia Heights were she got in her car and headed home. I should have called it an evening too, but my friend Doug was in town from NYC and drinking at Nelly's with his softball team so I made a return trip.

From here, the evening gets a little more blurry. Me and my Hoya Saxa, Bitches t-shirt were getting some attention and some flirtations at Nelly's then at Cobalt. Culminating with a cute guy coming up to me out of nowhere asking if he could Make Out with Me. Sure, why the hell not?

Very Little Good has come from this weekend. I need to get some control back in my life. I'm not heading out on weekends anymore. Until Halloween, anyway. I can do this, right?


  1. C'mon, now! There was a certain percentage of good in your weekend, like...ahem... giving (getting?) liberties twice. But, I digress.

    You can *totally* do this!

  2. Tee hee hee. And I thought my weekend was...interesting.

  3. Give me liberties or give me death.

  4. We demand to hear more about the liberties.

    And I'm with Hex...